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Third Wave Coffee

The First Wave of coffee was the initial spread of coffee to the consumer, in the 1960s. The coffee was simply consumed for its caffeine, and not necessarily enjoyed. Towards the 1990s the Second Wave of coffee took place, with the wide spread of espresso machines, and the transition from Robusta towards the Arabica species, and productions of better quality coffee. The drink has been modified with milk, sugar and flavours, making it a hot beverage to sip and enjoy a conversation over.

Currently we are experiencing a Third Wave in the field of coffee, which is about enjoying the coffee for what it is. Coffee, just like wine, is a crop that starts with farming. In the wine industry you will typically see on the label at least the country of origin, winery name, and the vintage year. The Third Wave barista should be able to communicate to the coffee consumer the different characteristics of the beans, including basic information such as: the country of origin, the actual estate it comes from, the altitude of the farm, the roasting degree, the date of roasting. At Canada Coffee we are transitioning from the Second to the Third Wave coffee movement.

Darker roasts overwhelm the subtle flavour differences among varietals, making them taste more uniform. With that in mind, Third Wave Coffee roasters often roast only until just after the First Crack, to bring out and accentuate the unique, intrinsic fundamental flavours of the coffee plant varietal, and not roast away the fine nuances of a premium-grade bean.

Vital to the beans journey to your cup is: the coffee varietal and origin, harvesting and processing the coffee, cupping and grading, the roast profile, the brew method and the water and milk and other ingredients used in caffeinated beverages.

The Barista
The Italian term "barista" refers to a professional specialized in preparing coffee and espresso-based beverages that demonstrate craftsmanship and quality, creating a culinary experience for the customer. A Third Wave barista not only performs a fast and consistent service, but is a student of the bean, a coffee ambassador. At Canada Coffee we work with experienced baristas that understand the complexity of coffee and its needs. To be a great barista there is a lot of theoretical and practical experience needed. If you are a barista or know a barista, join our team.

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