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All our tea beveragesVegan are prepared with ECO tea from controlled organic tea farming.

Organic Tea
Organic Tea ECO Order
Organic Tea ECO

Choose a high quality organic tea from controlled cultivation. Pick your variety: black, green, forest fruits, etc. Order Online Order
Tea Latté
Tea Latté ECO Order
Tea Latté ECO

Enjoy your black organic Darjeeling tea with Latté-style milk. Also available as an iced drink. Order Online Order
Vancouver Fog
Vancouver Fog ECO Order
Vancouver Fog ECO

A smooth organic Darjeeling tea with vanilla, under a deep layer of steamed milk. It helps with digestion and reduces stress. Order Online Order
Maple Chai Latté
Maple Chai Latté ECO Order
Maple Chai Latté ECO

Spicy Pakistani organic tea with digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. Served with milk and maple spice. Order Online Order
Dirty Chai
Dirty Chai ECO
Dirty Chai

Why not add a shot of espresso to your Maple Chai Latté!? You can also swap for soy or almond milk.
Matcha Vanilla Latté
Matcha Vanilla Latté ECOVegan
Matcha Vanilla Latté Vegan

The famous fine-grounded Japanese organic green tea is both stimulant and relaxant, and contains 10x more antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients! Enjoy it hot or with ice. Served with vanilla and almond milk.
Turmeric Latté
Turmeric LattéVegan
Turmeric LattéVegan

Also known as Golden Milk, it's a powerful antioxidant, potent anti-inflammatory, improves digestion and reduces cholesterol. Contains: almond milk, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, maple spice, sea salt and pepper. Drinking to your health!
Mushroom Latté
Mushroom LattéVegan
Mushroom LattéVegan

Reishi is a mushroom that strengthens the immune system and improves overall well-being. Rich in antioxidants, stimulates the production of antibodies and improves the cardiovascular system. Contains: almond milk, reishi, and cinnamon.
Algae Latté
Algae LattéVegan
Algae LattéVegan

Spirulina is a protein-rich algae, full of essential amino acids and nutrients. It helps the immune system, and has a high content of vitamins B9 and B12. Contains: almond milk, spirulina, ginger and vanilla.
Chocolate Latté
Chocolate Latté
Chocolate Latté

A delicious drink made with milk, dark chocolate chips, and topped with whipped cream and chocolate. Can be hot or iced. To personalize it we recommend hazelnut or caramel.
White Chocolate
White Chocolate
White Chocolate

A smooth drink combining milk and white chocolate, topped with whipped cream and white chocolate. Whether you choose for hot or iced, try it with caramel or vanilla.
Apple Cinnamon
Apple CinnamonVegan
Apple CinnamonVegan

Try this delicious Canadian drink, prepared on the spot with fresh apple juice, ginger and cinnamon!

At Canada Coffee we encourage you to personalize your drink and make the most of your experience.

Tea - Darjeeling, Chai, Misty Green, infusions without caffeine: Chamomile, Mint, Forest Fruits, Piña Colada, Rooibos.

Milk - You can substitute whole milk with skimmed milk, or make it veganVegan with soy or almond milk.

Flavours - Discover your favourite flavour: Maple Spice, Hazelnut, Caramel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sugar-Free Vanilla.

Size - All our hot drinks are available in Small (235ml/8oz), Medium (335ml/12oz) or Grande (445ml/16oz), while the iced drinks are available in Medium or Grande.