Canada Coffee Alicante


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We care about offering the best possible experience and that involves working with professional staff. We are experts in our fields and passionate about what we do, and strive to constantly improve our knowledge and techniques. Although we specialize in professions such as baker and barista, we have a rich mixed background that includes customer service, design and marketing. Join our team and enjoy working in an international, professional and fun environment, where respect and appreciation for each team member is central.

Coffee needs to be understood and studied to be able to create a memorable experience. Our team includes experienced baristas. Every day we welcome our customers with a positive attitude and a big "¡Hola! Hello!" :) The Italian term "barista" defines a professional specialized in coffee. We always accept resumes for skilled baristas with experience in sales, customer service and ideally bilingual Spanish/English. If you are a barista or know one, have a look at our barista job description and bring in your CV in person.

The baker is the heart of our kitchen. Our bakers are passionate about the work and produce delights with the greatest care. The baker's goal is to offer the best possible culinary experience. If you are interested in baking, or know an experienced baker, we accept resumes in person.